Monday, 24 August 2009

School hols nearly over

The school holidays have gone by so fast but we still have 2 weeks to go and I've enjoyed every minute of it.
I managed to get up home and visit the family and it was lovely seeing everyone and just being able to relax.
Our Brenda took us out a couple of times but when she was at work I couldn't get mam out anywhere as the boot on my car is broken and I couldn't get her wheelchair in but it was nice just nattering. We did have a lovely day at the beach, it was so warm and I'll post pics soon.

I had a lovely day out last week with Sam, Ben, Tom and Olivia. We went to Telford and it was a lovely day - again pics soon -
Tom gave us a bit of a fright when he ran out of the closed in area. I was with Ben, who was climbing to the top of a huge slide and Sam didn't realise there was 2 ways into the fun area she was in with Tom - ofcourse he wanted to join us and had gone out of the other gate when another lady spoke to her, she turned round and in a split second he was gone. She rang me in a panic to see where I was and as she came out towards us so we could go off and look for Tom, there he was by one of the bigger slides. They do put fear into you. I'll write more when I get the pics.