Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Well the next few days will be spent in looking at grandchildren pictures, that's if I can find any of Tom and Livvy. I have lots of Ben when he was younger as I had a decent camera then and I adore this one of him but I don't seem to have many of my other two grandchildren on my computer but I'm sure I'll find some. Ben would have been about 3 when this was taken so it was quite a few years ago but he is still just as handsome.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A paramedic visit that didn't lead to hospital

My sweet mam has had her fair share of visits to hospital over the last few years but thankfully when this paramedic paid her a visit it wasn't to take her off to hospital. It was taken back in 2005 when mam was visiting and my son Marc hadn't long qualified as a paramedic. He called in to see his Nana before he started work.

Monday, 27 June 2011

My own picture challenge

Well it's not often I get to blog these days and I keep telling myself I'm gonna get back into it and then time just seems to fly by, what with work and babysitting and youth club at church and the list goes on but I liked seeing my li'l sis's pics of the 30 days picture challenge on her blog so even though it's not really part of the challenge I thought I'd make a start by digging out some pics of my own and trying to add one a day - so this will be my own picture challenge.

I'm starting with this one taken a few years ago when I was visiting my mam and my other sister Nenna and I went out for a meal. We had a lovely night, it was really warm and we went to a little tapas bar in Gateshead. First time I'd been to one and it was yummy. We got to try several different dishes and while I can't remember what we had I do know I enjoyed it all. This pic was taken just before we crossed over to the other side of the river where the tapas bar was.