Thursday, 15 October 2009

60 today

I am a recycled teenager yet again. 60 years old today and I have had the most wonderful day. It was spent at work but my son, daughter in law and grand-daughter came to see me and then when I got home they were there with my two grandsons too and we had a wonderful time, eating MacDonalds and eating cake, it was lovely.

At school they'd put a banner up for me and there was flowers and cards and presents and best of all the kids kept popping their head round the office door and wishing me a happy birthday.

My li'l sis in Texas sent me flower and did a blog post for me which had me crying but it was so beautiful, take a look and you'll see why the tears came ... but they were tears of happiness I might add.
I'm looking forward to half term week too as my other sis and my mam and brother in law are coming down for a few days so we can celebrate again yeah!!
I'll get some pics up soon but a huge thank you for all the cards and presents and happy birthday wishes it made for a very special day.

Friday, 9 October 2009

How quickly time goes

I can't quite believe the last time I blogged was just before we went back to school and now that seems like such a long time ago and I now await half term which is only a couple of weeks away. One of the reasons I've not blogged as much is quite simply time and the other is that I've had such painful arms lately. My right shoulder has been hurting for some time and I'm going to physio for some exercises, they seem to think it is inflamation in the muscle, I thought it may be too much time on the computer and holding my arm in the wrong position when I'm using the mouse but hey I'm doing the exercises, I still can't raise my arm very high but it's certainly better than before and then my left arm was hurting turns out to be tennis elbow. I love that saying, tennis elbow, I wouldn't mind if I played tennis but I've got some sort of band that the doc told me to get when it went a few years ago so I've got that on and then I'm doing some exercises that physio gave me as well. I think these bones of mine are just getting old, 60 next week and I can't quite believe that. My mind says again that I am a 'recycled teenager' mind you not sure how many times I've been reycled but the body is telling me different. Officially from next week I will be an old age pensioner, yes I can get my pension. Wonder if that means I will have to stop helping out at youth club - Naah!! I will continue to be a recycled teenager for as long as this body of mine lets me.
Well as I said I'm looking forward to half term week, my sister Brenda and hubbie George are coming down to see me and they are bringing my mam. At 84 mam is doing really well and as it's my 60th birthday she wanted to come down and see me. They were going to come for my birthday but I'd be at work so wouldn't have seen them much and as half term is just a couple of weeks after they are coming then so I'll be able to spend some time with them.
My grandchildren continue to bring me joy everytime I see them. Tom has had another cold but he is now under a consultant for his asthma and they have increased the doses of inhalers they have given him and this time praise God he got through without the need to go to hospital to be put on a nebulizer. I just pray he does grow out of it and wont need them forever. Ben is growing fast and will be 6 this year. He just loves to be outside playing and will take badly to it when the darker nights arrive but he's just a darling and I love talking to him. He is almost 6 going on 12 sometimes he comes out with such grown up comments then next minute he's just a typical 6 year old. Olivia is thriving and I can't believe she is almost 6 months old. She wriggles all over the place when you lie her down on the floor, tries hard to roll over, smiles and laughs such a lot and has little conversations with you. She is such an angel although I don't think Sam would have thought so this week as she has cried quite a bit during the night - maybe she's teething!! Sam finishes maternity leave this month and then it's back to work for her so she will be shattered as she has to do night shifts so they don't coincide with Marc's shifts. Well I'm off to the hairdresser this morning so have a blessed day everyone. I'll not leave it so long next time and to Niecy and Nenna big hugs.