Friday, 19 July 2013

Race For Life

Race for Life 2013 - The Allsorts took part in the Race for Life 5k walk/run. 
We're ready for the off
Sandra and Ruth waiting for the event to get started

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Our start time
It was a struggle as it was such a hot evening but this was mine and Sandra's finish time.

The sky was beautiful as we walked back to the car after the race

Look how it was changing

It looks like a cross
Close up - wow!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Grandchildren day

How cute are these .... it was Open Farm Day so spent it with my wonderful grandchildren and we visited the newly opened Falconry Centre where they got to hold these cute little baby owls.  One flew on my shoulder ahhh.

Ben said she was very soft
 Tom said her claws were digging in a bit tight but she was soft.


Livv was not to be outdone, didn't like it on her arm but pulled her jumper down so it didn't hurt.
I got my eye on your!!!

 These next 3 pics were on a huge combine harvester, I think that's what it was, it was certainly high up but they loved it and would have spent all day up there if there hadn't been a queue of children waiting to try it out too.

Livvy was up the steps as quick as a flash


A lovely day was had by all and to finish it off my gorgeous grandaughter sang me a song that she made up herself ... bless her .... daddy bought her a guitar for her birthday, slightly big me thinks but she loves it and the little video is one I'll treasure because it was just for Nana and not bad for the third time of playing - she may need lessons off daddy though. (sorry it's on it's side but can't find out how to rotate it)



Wednesday, 29 May 2013

I sometimes can't believe how time flies.  It doesn't seem two minutes since I was last on my blog and yet it's 2 months ago.  Well, it's school holidays again and it's lovely not having to get up early to get to work and I'm away tomorrow until Sunday so really looking forward to the break.

Here's some pics of the day we spent at Blist Hill - an old Victorian village.  It was great fun despite the rain and the kids loved it.

Victorian Village Blist hill

PC Plod arresting thief who stole his bike
Tom, Ben and Livvy asking how the printing is done

Dogum had to come with us as Livvy was looking after him from school.  This is at he printers.

Steam tractor

Into the Tunnel wego

About to go into the tunnel

Tom and Ben on the flying chairs just as it started to rain, and I mean rain.  Poor Ben got the worst of it and felt quite ill.
We called these 'shuggy boats' when I was little

Ben still not feeling too good as we shelter from therain to look at this huge boat

Lift up the side of the hill

View from the top

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Winter Wonderland 2

We had a second fall of snow last week and it was the worst I've seen for ages.  We didn't have it too bad but some places 10 minutes away had snowdrifts and roads were blocked.

It was lovely walking over to the park, and here's a few pics of Winter Wonderland 2 - just for you Nenna

It doesn't look it on the photos but the snow was quite heavy although it was more like sleet and there in the park was one man and his dog.  The dog was running around like crazy, man was sitting down at a picnic table. I was taking photos then made a quick retreat home as I was getting slightly wet.


Wednesday, 13 March 2013


We've had some lovely sunshine today but when we looked out of the window at work ... snow, only a flutter but the weather just can't make it's mind up.  Still it was lovely seeing the sun for a change and just let me see Spring is on the way.

Just a few pics to share of my adorable grandchildren making - I forget what it's called but a wonderful way to keep children occupied for a long time.  It took them ages to pick up the small beads but they loved it, especially when we ironed it and they saw the end result.  Great for wet play days.

 Tom making a squirrel for his dad
 Livvy making a heart for mom
Ben making a multi coloured squirrel for dad

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Winter Wonderland

Well ages since I've blogged but I'm hoping to get back into it.  A rather damp and miserable day with snow forecast for next week, although not as much as with you Niecy.  The last fall we had didn't do much but here are some pics of the snow we had at the beginning of January
I took the photographs one morning as I walked to work, couldn't get out of the street in the car.

It was like walking in a winter wonderland - it's been some time since was had a good fall of snow like this.  The next few photos were the day after and although it was a similar time the sky was a beautiful red.