Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Winter Wonderland

Well ages since I've blogged but I'm hoping to get back into it.  A rather damp and miserable day with snow forecast for next week, although not as much as with you Niecy.  The last fall we had didn't do much but here are some pics of the snow we had at the beginning of January
I took the photographs one morning as I walked to work, couldn't get out of the street in the car.

It was like walking in a winter wonderland - it's been some time since was had a good fall of snow like this.  The next few photos were the day after and although it was a similar time the sky was a beautiful red. 


Friday, 7 September 2012

So smart, Ben 8 and Tom 5 all dressed and ready for first day back at school.  Livvy is only 3 and started Early Years so this was her first day - mornings only for now.  My lovely daughter in law got it wrong though -  Livvy should not have gone in until Wednesday, however, they kept her at school so she was really pleased because she tells everyone 'I'm grown up'.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Think Tank

Just a few pics taken at the Think Tank Birmingham.  It was a great day out.  Photographs don't do it justice.  The children just loved it.  The water feature held a big fascination, sendingboats down the channels, pouring the water into containers - even the big kids enjoyed it.  It was a fab day and we still didn't get to see it all.

Sam taking a rubbing of the animal tracks

This was great, the telephone actually worked and you could ring other areas like the ambulance control room and have a conversation with each other.

Livvy said she was sweeping up the mess baby had made

Tom loved the dressing up

'It's hard work drilling a hole'

Ben working on fixing the pipes

This robot was great, he sang, did impressions and moved

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Had a fabulous day out at Amerton Farmwith Ben, Tom and Livvy.  After having a ride on the roundabout we had a look at the few animals they have there and then it was a fight to see who could get on the old tractor first but all three decided they'd get on together.  We then spent most of the time in the playbarn which they all loved.
Livvy thinks she is so grown up riding a motor bike

Tom just smiles whatever he is doing

Ben loving the bus but would have preferred upstairs

How many children can you get on an old tractor?

"Hi Nana, we can see you"

"I'm sitting as still as can be"

"I'm Princess Girl Nana"

"It tickles"

"I'm Wolverine"

Here comes Iron Man

Wolverine, Princess Girl and Iron Man

This new bouncy thing kept them occupied for ages

They sat on it ......

Jumped on it .....

Dug in the sand around it ....

"This is going to be my tortoise ...."

Made something specal .....

The day is not complete without a steam train ride

Monday, 13 August 2012

Legoland Discovery Centre

Had a lovely day with my daughter in law and grandchildren at the Legoland Discovery Centre in Manchester It's a great day out for kids, they get to build lots of lego and there's rides and a cinema showing a 10 minute 4D lego film.  Ben, Tom and Livvy loved it and it keeps them occupied for hours.

Ben, Tom and Livvy building with bricks and loving it.

Ben was inside this structure and had to take some bricks out to climb out.
Sam and Livvy on the Merlin ride, you can see how happy Livvy was.  I took 6 pics while they were going round but none came out - the very nice lady in charge of the ride let me go inside to take the pic.

All made out of Lego bricks - Blackpool Tower I think!

About to watch a 4D film, those glasses are fab.  Believe it or not first time I'd seen anything in 4D and yep I tried to swat something that was flying at me, made out of lego too I might add

Tom ready to drive off in his lego racing car

The Trafford Centre itself is great for shopping and seeing the many statues around the place

The Singing Bears
Lots of these dotted around the place
Tom, Ben and Nana - Tom was wanting to get back to slurping on his slush puppy ice drink

All too much for Livvy who fell asleep clutching the Tinkerbell fairy she bought.