Sunday, 20 June 2010


This week started badly as I haven't been well and it's ended badly too but praise God he is in control of all things. Yesterday I made my first loaf of bread with a bread making machine someone had given me. Guess what - I still work in the old lbs and ounces but the measurements in the recipe were in grammes. I tried to get an accurate conversation by looking in one of my old recipe books and the proportions looked about right but at the end of the cooking cycle I
1) nearly broke the machine trying to get the basket out that the bread was in
2) nearly broke the thing that turns the dough
3) eventually got it out to find that my loaf resembled 'a rock'
4) a rock in every sense of the word - if you wanted to build a house of bricks I suggest you ask me to make bread for you!! The dough will surely keep the bricks together.

Ah well there is always another time and perhaps a new set of scales which are the old type with the lb and ounce weights.

My spiritual lesson for the day thought - Lead me to the rock that is higher than I - praise God for Jesus.

My cold seems no better - I was told it may be hay fever as the pollen count has been real high and if it is well, where does all that yeuky gunk come from - I have gone through so many boxes and packets of tissues.

I am now off to do the dishes, I don't feel much like doing them I might add but it's a chore that can't be left.

If I get a pic of my bread I will certainly let you see it!!! Have a blessed Sunday.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Just a snippet

We've had some lovely weather over the last week which was especially nice as it was half term so no work yeah. We went back today and ofcourse it rained. Apparently it was very stormy on Sunday and I did hear thunder around 5 a.m. but thankfully I nodded back to sleep which is just as well as I'm not too fussed on the thunder and lightening bit.
I'm hoping to do a bit more blogging even if it's only little snippets now and again but maybe if I invest in a better computer it wont take so long to start up. I've lost count of the number of years I've had this one but it does the job for now although I keep thinking one of these days it will just have so much information stored on it that it will crash - and then what would I do. Hope you all have a great week.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Happy 30th Birthday to my lovely son Marc. (Haven't any other good pics of him on my pc). He didn't enjoy turning 30 but had a lovely day. Ben and Tom and written in a book for him and drawn pictures saying things like 'you look like Doctor Who' !! This was all 6 year old Ben's idea and he even got Tom and Livvy's fingerprints in charcoal colours. His wonderful wife Sam has got tickets for both of them to have a few days in New York, but not until November time - somewhere Marc has always wanted to go - so I've offered to look after the children.
Love you lots Marc enjoy being 30.