Saturday, 28 February 2009

I'm sooooo tired

My Sam phoned me during the early hours of the morning on Thursday to say she had pain and needed to go to hospital. Marc was on night shift so was meeting her there and I went over to look after the boys. They kept her in and she's still there. Marc went over tonight while I looked after the boys again as they wont let them in because there's been an outbreak of the novo or nono virus. It was such a shame as they're really missing their mum. They saw her for about 15 minutes on Friday and we're praying she'll be out tomorrow but Marc thinks they may keep her in a bit longer.
I ended up being away all night on the Thursday as Tom woke up and thought seeing as nana was there it was playtime. He finally went to sleep but woke again several more times and everytime he coughed I woke as he's got a bit of a cold. Ben was really good but got so upset when his mom wasn't there to take him to school Friday morning. He was OK by the time we got there and I just gave him a big hug and said everything would be fine.
It's catching up on me now and I'm really tired so off to beddy byes me thinks. Night! Night!

Friday, 20 February 2009

Is Spring on the Way

Oh I hope so. It's been so cold lately but the last couple of days the weather has been brighter and I have to say warmer so maybe that's a sign that Spring is on the way. I do love spring when you see the first signs - crocus' peeping through the soil, the birds singing more and more in the early morning - yep it makes my heart glad.
If I've already told you this bit then please ignore but my memory is not what it used to be and I'd have to look through my blogs to see if I've already told you how blessed I was the other week to come home from my little unit to find a robin sitting on the roof by my front door. It was singing it's little heart out, so beautiful. I stood for ages listening to it and because it was dark could just barely make out that it was a robin. I went into the house, came out a few minutes later and it was still there chirruping away. Robin's always remind me of my dad so it was an added blessing to hear this beautiful song.
My sweet grandson Tom seems much better now praise God and Ben is away to have sleepover at his cousins house in London. I think it's his first time so far away on his own but I'm sure he'll love it. I imagine Sam and Marc will be the ones missing him.
Well I'm off to my little craft unit today for more fun time. Have a great day everyone.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Half Term

Well I've caught up on reading a few of your blogs but didn't get round to leaving comments on them all and as you'll see by the time on this one it's real late again.
Sam had a lovely birthday and spent the day with Marc and the boys.
It seemed a week for nose bleeds, Ben had one last week, not quite as huge as Tom's but I think they have both been bunged up with cold which hasn't helped. Poor Tom hasn't been well this week either. He had a stay overnight in hospital as he couldn't get his breath. He's on an inhaler and steroids for a few days (doc seems to think he's got a virus). He seems happy in himself but he looked so white today and Sam said he hasn't been sleeping well. I'm praying they will both be fine and get over these bugs quickly.
School hols this week so it's been great not having to get up when the alarm goes off and yes it has gone off twice at 6.15 a.m. because I forgot to turn it off.
I had Ben over today and we played a couple of games and went into town. Highlight was lunch at MacDonalds. He is such a chatter box at the moment. I called in to the bead shop in town and he asked if he could buy a butterfly bead for his mum. I said yes ofcourse and then he wanted one for dad, one for Tom, one for himself and one for his baby sister when she comes. He was like a child in a candy store running round looking at all these beads and trying to choose the right one. I think I may have to make them all into something they can wear. Marc picked him up just before tea.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Happy Birthday Sam

It's my lovely daughter in law's 30th birthday today so hope you have a wonderful day Sam.
It's not the best pic of you and Marc but it's a happy one and I like it.
Happy Birthday.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Ouch! ooh!!

Definitely ouch!!! - I think I am glad the week is now over and today is a fresh start. I say today because it is the wee small hours of the morning, I should be in bed getting my beauty sleep but decided to blog and it is now no longer Saturday evening but Sunday morning. If you're following my daily honeycombs you'll know why I'm glad it's a new week and even more so when you hear what happened tonight.
I came out of the unit and went to see my friend Ros for a few minutes chat which turned into half an hour or more. I came out of her unit and just as I neared the car my left foot caught a stone stocking out of the ground and the other foot decided it wouldn't move ... you can imagine the rest, I went down like a sack of potatoes (as we say here in England if you are in another country).
Ros came running (well more fast walking as she's not long since had a hip replacement) to my rescue. She helped me up then because it was only me ego that was bruised we started to laugh. I had been going to call in at the local shop for some food but when we saw the colour of my coat and trousers I thought I'd better go home first and change.
I am now beginning to stiffen up but thankfully did not seriously hurt myself just jarred my shoulder, twisted my ankle,but it's ok and grazed my knee a little. But thank crunchie it's Sunday I shall praise the Lord for his goodness and for looking after me as I fell - I could have broken my ankle or my arm ... there's a lot of me to go down. :o)
Have a great week everyone.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Just simply - "Oh My"

Well after an eventful Tuesday it just didn't stop there. I went over to Marc and Sams Tuesday evening, I was having a sleepover as they were both on the early shift at work and were going out at half 5. Tom hadn't been feeling too well during the day and Marc said he had been a bit niggly all day just wanting to be picked up but was playing happily with his toys when I got there.
Well he woke a couple of times in the night and around 4 a.m. I said I'd put him in bed with me incase he woke Ben up as he had school next day and they were both up so early. He wasn't settling very well and after a while started pressing my nose. I couldn't see very well as the room was dark but I could just make out his face which didn't quite look right somehow. I had to check it out and when I turned the light on poor little soul had had a nose bleed. It was everywhere, he'd obviously rubbed his face and it was awful. I woke Sam up (she's a nurse which helps).
Tom wasn't even crying bless him, he just sat there while mom cleaned him up. Eventually it stopped bleeding so we just went downstairs as it was clear we weren't going to get anymore sleep and Tom was quite happy by this time. I was taking Ben to school and dropping Tom at the child minders after Marc and Sam had gone to work and I have to say I was very well organised.
They were dressed, washed, teeth cleaned and on time. The car was parked out front and all we had to do was get coats on and ..... "Oh my" you can guess, Tom had another nose bleed but this time he was screaming (I wasn't sure whether it was pain or that he was now very tired).
Ben was a great help and got tissue paper and wipes and eventually Tom's nose stopped bleeding.
I had to get Sam to come back from work as there was obviously something wrong with Tom. She got back and managed to get a doctors appointment and it turned out he had an ear infection, this had caused the nose bleed because he was congested.
He was fine when I spoke to her today and I could hear them both in the background shouting and running around. Ben was off school because of the snow and they made snowmen with mom and seemed to have a great time.
Praise God that it was nothing more than an ear infection. We were worried as Ben has problems with his blood clotting and we thought maybe that's what it was with Tom.
Hopefully the rest of the week will not be as ... "Oh my" I can't even think of the word to describe it ...

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snow has fallen - Praise the Lord for answered prayer

Well it snowed most of yesterday so much so that school was closed today and we got to have a day off. I thought it would give me some much needed time to do some housework. I opened the curtains by the front door and the curtain pole dropped off. I then tidied up and was about to start vacuuming but the vac wouldn't turn on. I switched it off, tried again and this time is exploded, made a loud popping sound and sparks came out of the vac. Needless to say I got quite a fright but at least it didn't burst into flames and not as great a fright as the one last week. My gas bill came in and it was a whopping £995.00 a very near heart attack when I read the bill. Turns out the gas company have been estimating my bills for the last 2 years (I know I should have checked but I've been with them 35 years and they've always got it right - up 'til now that is) and yes I have to pay it. I text my friend Ri to tell her about the curtain pole and the vac. She phoned me and said I needed to put my feet up and have a cup of tea and that she'd been and got a new vac and Christmas and would I like her old one. What an immediate answer to prayer as I had just said to the Lord, "I'm gonna need a new vac Lord". It's true he takes care of our needs. I'm not worried about the bill, it will get paid somehow even if it is in installments and the curtain pole is resting on top of the parts that hold it until my son can give me a hand to fix it. I have to admit the snow does look nice but I'm glad I'm indoors don't think I fancy building a snowman today - his head might fall off.