Thursday, 5 February 2009

Just simply - "Oh My"

Well after an eventful Tuesday it just didn't stop there. I went over to Marc and Sams Tuesday evening, I was having a sleepover as they were both on the early shift at work and were going out at half 5. Tom hadn't been feeling too well during the day and Marc said he had been a bit niggly all day just wanting to be picked up but was playing happily with his toys when I got there.
Well he woke a couple of times in the night and around 4 a.m. I said I'd put him in bed with me incase he woke Ben up as he had school next day and they were both up so early. He wasn't settling very well and after a while started pressing my nose. I couldn't see very well as the room was dark but I could just make out his face which didn't quite look right somehow. I had to check it out and when I turned the light on poor little soul had had a nose bleed. It was everywhere, he'd obviously rubbed his face and it was awful. I woke Sam up (she's a nurse which helps).
Tom wasn't even crying bless him, he just sat there while mom cleaned him up. Eventually it stopped bleeding so we just went downstairs as it was clear we weren't going to get anymore sleep and Tom was quite happy by this time. I was taking Ben to school and dropping Tom at the child minders after Marc and Sam had gone to work and I have to say I was very well organised.
They were dressed, washed, teeth cleaned and on time. The car was parked out front and all we had to do was get coats on and ..... "Oh my" you can guess, Tom had another nose bleed but this time he was screaming (I wasn't sure whether it was pain or that he was now very tired).
Ben was a great help and got tissue paper and wipes and eventually Tom's nose stopped bleeding.
I had to get Sam to come back from work as there was obviously something wrong with Tom. She got back and managed to get a doctors appointment and it turned out he had an ear infection, this had caused the nose bleed because he was congested.
He was fine when I spoke to her today and I could hear them both in the background shouting and running around. Ben was off school because of the snow and they made snowmen with mom and seemed to have a great time.
Praise God that it was nothing more than an ear infection. We were worried as Ben has problems with his blood clotting and we thought maybe that's what it was with Tom.
Hopefully the rest of the week will not be as ... "Oh my" I can't even think of the word to describe it ...

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Denise said...

oh dear Sis, that must have looked scary, I hate to see blood on Kristen even when it's just a scratch! Poor Tom, I'll be keeping them in my prayers and hope the ear infection clears up soon - they are no fun to have either, and no fun at all to see your little one suffer with it.
sending you all lots of hugs, I'm just off to bed.