Saturday, 28 February 2009

I'm sooooo tired

My Sam phoned me during the early hours of the morning on Thursday to say she had pain and needed to go to hospital. Marc was on night shift so was meeting her there and I went over to look after the boys. They kept her in and she's still there. Marc went over tonight while I looked after the boys again as they wont let them in because there's been an outbreak of the novo or nono virus. It was such a shame as they're really missing their mum. They saw her for about 15 minutes on Friday and we're praying she'll be out tomorrow but Marc thinks they may keep her in a bit longer.
I ended up being away all night on the Thursday as Tom woke up and thought seeing as nana was there it was playtime. He finally went to sleep but woke again several more times and everytime he coughed I woke as he's got a bit of a cold. Ben was really good but got so upset when his mom wasn't there to take him to school Friday morning. He was OK by the time we got there and I just gave him a big hug and said everything would be fine.
It's catching up on me now and I'm really tired so off to beddy byes me thinks. Night! Night!

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Denise said...

is she home yet? Keep me posted sis. I hope Sam is better soon and they can send her home.
Hope you can get some rest too, you sound like you need it.