Friday, 25 February 2011

Well the healthy kick is working but very slowly, however after a visit to the North East to see my mam, my sister has inspired me as she's lost nearly a stone at Weight Watchers so this could definitely be the new me. I'll keep you posted.

I surprised mam with a visit as it was school half term and while I had Livvy for 2 days I thought it would be nice to go up and visit and it may be the summer holidays before I get up again.

Livvy came over Monday and Tuesday as Marc and Sam were off to London with the boys to see the Dr Who Experience. It would have been too much for my sweet grandaughter so she stayed with me and we went to the farm. I was cross with myself because I'd forgotten the camera so no photographs but we had a lovely time. We fed the animals, goats, guinea pigs, chickens, pigs. The ducks to a little sort of march out of their pens and eat the food off the children's hands as they stand in a row. Livvy thought this was funny. We then went to the hatchery where some baby chicks had just hatched and we got to stroke one. The lady rested the duck on Livvy's arm and she sat looking intently at this little chick - she then stroked it so gently and then had a little look on her face that seemed to say 'OK that's it I don't want to play anymore' and she pushed the poor little chick off her arm. It wasn't hurt thankfully and at least she didn't push it as hard as the little boy further down the row, he just took an almighty swipe at the poor little thing - obviously he didn't like it at all - chick was fine I'm pleased to say.
She then got to choose an egg after feeding the chickens and she sat with it on her knee before we finally got to the car and went home. It was a long day but it was fun.
The Dr Who visit had gone down great with the boys and they arrived back home on the Tuesday evening very tired but they loved every minute of it.

Anyway, it was great visiting mam even if it was just for a couple of days. We managed to get to the town to do a bit of shopping and it was nice just being able to see that she was OK and having a chat. It's usually about food. I think one of the things mam really misses is not being able to cook the things she used to cook as she is on a low fat diet. I phoned her when I got back today at 5 o clock and she sounded good. 2 of my brothers were going round to see her so it wasn't so bad leaving her.
Before I fall asleep I'm off out to help at church Youth Club. Hopefully it wont be too busy tonight with it being the holidays but you never can tell. We usually have around 45 11-18 year olds and the church is not a huge one but they enjoy it.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Time to be healthy

This most definitely has to be my diet and healthy eating year. I had blood tests done a couple of weeks ago just my annual one to see if my blood pressure and cholesterol levels were OK. I had a call from the docs to say I need to go see them which probably means one or the other is up. I've also got to go for an ultra sound tomorrow on my gall bladder so either way whatever the outcome it's healthy eating time. I've decided I'm not going to weigh myself though because it just depresses me (well not really despressed but if I don't lose anything I just wonder it's all for). Anyway I will let you know how I get on and hopefully with lots of encouragement I'll be telling you I'm feeling fit, healthy, my gall bladder's OK, my blood pressure and cholesterol are down, so here's praying.