Thursday, 17 February 2011

Time to be healthy

This most definitely has to be my diet and healthy eating year. I had blood tests done a couple of weeks ago just my annual one to see if my blood pressure and cholesterol levels were OK. I had a call from the docs to say I need to go see them which probably means one or the other is up. I've also got to go for an ultra sound tomorrow on my gall bladder so either way whatever the outcome it's healthy eating time. I've decided I'm not going to weigh myself though because it just depresses me (well not really despressed but if I don't lose anything I just wonder it's all for). Anyway I will let you know how I get on and hopefully with lots of encouragement I'll be telling you I'm feeling fit, healthy, my gall bladder's OK, my blood pressure and cholesterol are down, so here's praying.

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Denise said...

Hi Sis, it's never too late to start! I'll be praying your results aren't too bad, if that's what you're expecting? If you need any help and encouragement in any way shape or form you know me and Nenna are here for you. We are both doing WW, AND Jason has come on board with me now, so hopefully he will lose a few pounds soon. Love you xxxxx