Saturday, 29 January 2011

Is this my diet year!!!!

Here we are almost into February and well January has just been a month of saying I'm going to do things and really not attempting to do anything and the only reason is ... too cold. Yes, here in good old England we are not used to harsh winters and I have to admit as I get older I find the cold seems to creep around these old bones of mine and I just want to settle down in front of the TV and wrap a blanket round me to keep snug and warm.
I have though decided this is the year of the diet - again this is due to thinking I have gallstones. I had a dreadful pain around my chest just over a week ago and the doctor gave me an ECG which showed my heart was fine, it wasn't just indigestion so she's sending me for an ultra sound on my liver and then said it could be gallstones. So I am reading up on foods to avoid just in case it is. At least it's got me eating healthy but I'd value your prayers as she said if it's not gallstones I'd have to have an endoscopy (camera down throat) and I have to admit I just don't fancy having that done at all.

As for the diet, I will keep you posted as to how I get on or rather if I get on ...


Denise said...

Don't think of it as a diet, but a better way of life... eating more fruits and veg really does fill you up so you don't want the other junk stuff.. or you can still eat the other junk stuff just in very small amounts :) I'll be praying for you sis, and just for the record, getting up and walking around, even in the house WILL warm you up ;-) Just sayin!

nenna said...

Hi Jean just to let you know I've lost six and half pound in three weeks so if I can anyone can. I must admit it's not easy but I'm suprised how much I can have to eat, I also keep a lot of my points for my wine so you could have a lot more as you don't drink. Hope you don't have to have the camera put down, let me know what Doc says. Love ya lots.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx