Monday, 27 September 2010

My Mam

is in hospital again. She was taken ill a couple of weeks ago and went into hospital for a few days. Doctors didn't really know what was wrong with her and said it could be one of three things but they let her out the day before her 85th birthday. She wasn't well last week again so they took her back in. She had a scan done today and they found out she has gallstones so may need to operate. She's been through such a lot this year that she could do with the gallstones just going on their own but it doesn't seem likely that she'll pass them. She's worried they will put a camera down her throat and she hates anything like that. She is a tough little thing but I'd value your prayers that all will go well. We don't know exactly when they'll do something but we're hoping it will be soon.

My but the weather has turned cold, we are still in September and I've had to put the heating on. I've been hearing all the old wives tales about us having a bad winter again and the main reason seems to be there are lots of berries on the trees. Don't ask, I have no idea why berries or lots of them on the trees means a cold winter but apparently it does. So if any of you folk out there know why, let me know too please.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Meet Egbeart

I'd like you to meet Egbeart. Egbeart is my first attempt at making a bear in the new sugar craft course I am taking. He is not the most eloquent of bears; his fur is rather bitty and his arms are not very well rounded as a bear's arms ought to be; but you have to admit his smile is contagious and he has a cute nose. Egbeart is most surely going to need some tlc though as he has now broken his leg. He seems to think someone handled him a little too rough but I think he was messing about in his box doing what bears do best (looking for the honey) climbed and tree and fell and broke his leg. Alas we shall never know the truth of the matter and sadly Egbeart may never walk again.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

They make me smile

I just can't sleep tonight and I've tossed and turned since 11.30 ish so decided to blog a little and see if I get sleepy.
I took Ben and Tom to church youth club last night. It's the first time they've been and they seemed to enjoy it although last night they didn't really seem to do much. I was helping out as one of the girls was on holiday.
The boys do make me smile -
The youth club is having a shoe box appeal and the teacher was telling them some of the countries they would be sending the shoe boxes too after they'd been filled with goodies. She mentioned several places and then said 'We'll also send some to Swaziland'; at which 3 year old Tom piped up "I love 'smartie land' Nana" (First Smile). It took several attempts to get him to realise she wasn't saying Smartie Land.

On the way home 6 year old Ben had been telling me he liked his learning lesson with his new teacher Mr D'Veen (I've spelt it how he pronounced it). He'd been learning about the fire of London. I asked if he liked Mr D'Veen and asked if he was young or old. "He's young Nana", he said "He's not old, old people can't teach because they would get tired and fall asleep all the time". (Second Smile).
I said I wouldn't be able to teach then as I was old to which he replied "You would be able to teach anyone Nana, you're not old, you're young". (Third and biggest smile, so I now have it on the authority of my grandson that at 60 I sam still young - don't you just love them).