Monday, 27 September 2010

My Mam

is in hospital again. She was taken ill a couple of weeks ago and went into hospital for a few days. Doctors didn't really know what was wrong with her and said it could be one of three things but they let her out the day before her 85th birthday. She wasn't well last week again so they took her back in. She had a scan done today and they found out she has gallstones so may need to operate. She's been through such a lot this year that she could do with the gallstones just going on their own but it doesn't seem likely that she'll pass them. She's worried they will put a camera down her throat and she hates anything like that. She is a tough little thing but I'd value your prayers that all will go well. We don't know exactly when they'll do something but we're hoping it will be soon.

My but the weather has turned cold, we are still in September and I've had to put the heating on. I've been hearing all the old wives tales about us having a bad winter again and the main reason seems to be there are lots of berries on the trees. Don't ask, I have no idea why berries or lots of them on the trees means a cold winter but apparently it does. So if any of you folk out there know why, let me know too please.

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Denise said...

Hi Sis, Nenna mentioned that I hadn't left a comment here, but I thought I did? But there's nothing here, so maybe I didn't?
Sending lotsa love. Praying for Mam.