Saturday, 11 September 2010

They make me smile

I just can't sleep tonight and I've tossed and turned since 11.30 ish so decided to blog a little and see if I get sleepy.
I took Ben and Tom to church youth club last night. It's the first time they've been and they seemed to enjoy it although last night they didn't really seem to do much. I was helping out as one of the girls was on holiday.
The boys do make me smile -
The youth club is having a shoe box appeal and the teacher was telling them some of the countries they would be sending the shoe boxes too after they'd been filled with goodies. She mentioned several places and then said 'We'll also send some to Swaziland'; at which 3 year old Tom piped up "I love 'smartie land' Nana" (First Smile). It took several attempts to get him to realise she wasn't saying Smartie Land.

On the way home 6 year old Ben had been telling me he liked his learning lesson with his new teacher Mr D'Veen (I've spelt it how he pronounced it). He'd been learning about the fire of London. I asked if he liked Mr D'Veen and asked if he was young or old. "He's young Nana", he said "He's not old, old people can't teach because they would get tired and fall asleep all the time". (Second Smile).
I said I wouldn't be able to teach then as I was old to which he replied "You would be able to teach anyone Nana, you're not old, you're young". (Third and biggest smile, so I now have it on the authority of my grandson that at 60 I sam still young - don't you just love them).

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