Saturday, 18 September 2010

Meet Egbeart

I'd like you to meet Egbeart. Egbeart is my first attempt at making a bear in the new sugar craft course I am taking. He is not the most eloquent of bears; his fur is rather bitty and his arms are not very well rounded as a bear's arms ought to be; but you have to admit his smile is contagious and he has a cute nose. Egbeart is most surely going to need some tlc though as he has now broken his leg. He seems to think someone handled him a little too rough but I think he was messing about in his box doing what bears do best (looking for the honey) climbed and tree and fell and broke his leg. Alas we shall never know the truth of the matter and sadly Egbeart may never walk again.

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Denise said...

You're taking a sugar craft course? Are you making sugar flowers too like I used to? I loved doing that... keep sharing the photos sis