Monday, 15 February 2010

Summer Time

Some summertime pics from 2009

Visited my mam for a few days and the weather was so nice we went to the beach.

Still a child at heart, I love icecream.

Me and mam on the sea front.

It was a beautiful day, really warm and almost tropical.

George, Brenda, Mam and Michael - I have a feeling the dolphin was a rubbish bin!

George took the next shot and it looks like we still had a thing for that dolphin!!!

I spent a lovely day at Telford with Sam and the children during the school holidays, they loved it.

Ben and Tom gazing out of one of the play areas.

Tom just loved climbing through this tube. We did lose him within the first 5 minutes. He'd gone into one play area with his mum who simply turned around, hadn't realised there were two ways into the play area and Tom had escaped. We found him going down a slide where the older children were - a heart stopping moment but undeterred he carried on enjoying himself as if nothing had happened.

Another heart stopping moment for me was when I saw Ben climbing this huge construction. He is the third one from the top. He did make it to the top but my heart was in my mouth as it just seemed so high for a 5 year old to climb and I hadn't realised he'd go right to the top. The other boys on it looked to be about 9 and older

No, not Christmas but they have a Winter Wonderland place there and the boys just loved climbing onto Santa's lap.

Tom just laughed the whole time.

In the deep, dark parts of dinosaur land some strange creatures were about. Mama dinosaur came looking for her children....

Ben, the young dinosaur was staying close but neither of them bargained for little Tom who pinched mama dinosaur's nose to stop her eating him up.
We did have a fabulous day. It was a shame Marc couldn't join us but he was working.
We spent a day at the park and fed the ducks and I just love this pic of Ben, Tom and Livvy on the park seat. It took a few attempts to get it as Tom kept putting his hand on top of Ben's head but eventually they just all sat there and I managed to quickly take this shot when they were looking at something else.

One of the things I hate most in this life is gardening. My garden often looks like a jungle and when it gets to the point where I can't see the children for the grass then it's time to do something. This day I had two little dustbin men to help and they did a wonderful job.

Still having birthday surprises

My birthday seemed to last a couple of weeks and I had the lovely surprise of my sister ringing me to say my mam wanted to come visit.

Mam is 84 so it was a long drive for her, it takes 3 hours.

Here's just a couple of pics taken when my sister Brenda, and brother in law George brought mam down the week after my birthday. We had a lovely few days together.

I've got more pics on my camera but haven't had chance to upload them yet.

These were taken by Minster Poole and the Cathedral in the background

Pics of my 60th

As promised, although a long time overdue, some pics of my 60th. This one was taken at work. Some of the girls had put a birthday banner up in my office with a 60th birthday balloon.

My son and daughter in law came over with more balloons and my most gorgeous grandaughter Olivia.

Now how gorgeous is she??

Flowers arrived throughout the day, the ones below were from my sister Denise in America. That yellow rose was just beautiful.

Back home and Marc and Sam arrived with Ben and Tom who were very proud to give me this gorgeous cake, they couldn't wait to eat it ... and it was yummy.

They were also very proud of the pics they painted for me, and I just loved them.

I had a fab day and there are too many pics to put up here but these were some of my favourites.
I'll post some of the pics of my mam and sisters visit.