Monday, 15 February 2010

Pics of my 60th

As promised, although a long time overdue, some pics of my 60th. This one was taken at work. Some of the girls had put a birthday banner up in my office with a 60th birthday balloon.

My son and daughter in law came over with more balloons and my most gorgeous grandaughter Olivia.

Now how gorgeous is she??

Flowers arrived throughout the day, the ones below were from my sister Denise in America. That yellow rose was just beautiful.

Back home and Marc and Sam arrived with Ben and Tom who were very proud to give me this gorgeous cake, they couldn't wait to eat it ... and it was yummy.

They were also very proud of the pics they painted for me, and I just loved them.

I had a fab day and there are too many pics to put up here but these were some of my favourites.
I'll post some of the pics of my mam and sisters visit.

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