Thursday, 15 October 2009

60 today

I am a recycled teenager yet again. 60 years old today and I have had the most wonderful day. It was spent at work but my son, daughter in law and grand-daughter came to see me and then when I got home they were there with my two grandsons too and we had a wonderful time, eating MacDonalds and eating cake, it was lovely.

At school they'd put a banner up for me and there was flowers and cards and presents and best of all the kids kept popping their head round the office door and wishing me a happy birthday.

My li'l sis in Texas sent me flower and did a blog post for me which had me crying but it was so beautiful, take a look and you'll see why the tears came ... but they were tears of happiness I might add.
I'm looking forward to half term week too as my other sis and my mam and brother in law are coming down for a few days so we can celebrate again yeah!!
I'll get some pics up soon but a huge thank you for all the cards and presents and happy birthday wishes it made for a very special day.


Pam said...

Hi Jean!
Happy Birthday!!! I am so glad you have had a wonderful day.
God bless you sweetie and have a fabulous Friday/weekend.


Sue said...

Happy Birthday Jean! Wishing you a blessed day (even though I'm now a day late) and a wonderful year full of God's blessings!

Thanks for sharing your little sis with us over here across the pond. I just love her to bits and feel as if we're sisters too!

God bless & Hugs xo

Susan said...

Happy Birthday Jean! Sounds like you had a nice day. I am off to read the tribute your little sis wrote. Hugs

Kacy said...

Hi there! I am a very good friend of Denises' and wanted to bless you a very Happy Birthday! I am up for Mickey D's and cake anytime! *grin* You have a special sister as well as I know she has one in you! Take care love!


Judy said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jean! Sounds like you had the perfect day with loved ones. I read Denise's tribute to you, & I was in tears. How very lovely! You are so blessed to have one another. Take care Jean! Hugs