Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I love surprises

What a blessed Sunday. There I was working away in my little studio and I looked up to see a lady and gent coming into the shop. The lady was carrying a large bunch of flowers and as I looked at her I thought 'gosh she looks like our Brenda' - I did a double take then because it was our Brenda and George, I grinned from ear to ear and just shouted 'eeeeeeeee' as I downed tools and ran to hug her. They'd been to Solihull for a weekend part of George's 60th birthday pressie. It was so lovely to see them. Unfortunately Brenda took all the pics so I'll try and get George to email some to me and I'll upload them so you can see how they made some pendants while at the studio. We had a good natter and then went over to Marc and Sam's when I closed, unfortunately I was babysitting as Marc and Sam were going out but we had supper and then they drove back to their hotel. I can't tell you how it made me feel, I was so happy. Thanks for coming to see me Nenna, I love that sort of surprise and if you're reading this will you ask George to email some of those pics please and I'll put them on my blog for Niecy to see. Love ya. I'm off to the optician's now as I've got a small black spot that floats about in my eye and I can see it but it's got bigger and is giving me a bit of a headache so not on here for long.