Wednesday, 30 March 2011

I hate colds

Oo I do hate colds. Any type of healthy eating has gone out of the window this week as I'm full of cold. I've been off work for 3 days, just felt so yeuk and as I hadn't done a shopping I didn't have very many nice things in so just stuffed my face with anything I could find. I managed to get out for some bits and pieces yesterday and I'm beginning to feel better today although my ribs ache with coughing so much but at least I have some healthy food in. I'm hoping to be back at work tomorrow, then it's only a couple of days and then the weekend, I just hate the bunged up feeling and having to breathe through my mouth, not a pretty sight. Things could be worse so I will not complain, I will just give thanks that I am able to rest.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Happy Birthday Tom

Happy Birthday to my gorgeous grandson Thomas. Wasn't he a cute baby (I'll add an up to date one later). He is 4 today and is having his birthday party at a farm. Same one that I took Olivia too and I know he will love it as he's been asking to go there for ages. I think all the kids love choosing an egg.

Speaking of eggs. I was given a couple of goose eggs last week and they were huge. I gave them to the boys and told them they were dinosaur eggs, their little faces lit up but then Ben quizzed me a bit more and ofcourse I had to tell him they were goose eggs, but they've kept them. Don't have any idea what they are going to do with them, I think Marc and Sam will be hoping they break but the boys will just enjoy having large eggs for a while

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Sisters, a touch of the Irish and an I Pod

Well today's blog is for you li'l sis - just been over to yours and thought I'd just say there are Kennedy's in the family on mam's side so you never know maybe you can say 'top o the morning to ya' cos we might just have a little bit of Irish in us afterall.
As for me I'm wearin me green cardie and I've got a green bag to match. I love the bag, bought it at M&S and it has 2 sort of flower type things on the side. I'm into green at the moment, it's one of my favourite colours. The good Lord certainly knew what he was doing when he was creating because I just cannot imagine a lot of red everywhere the way we have green trees, green grass it's sort of softening whereas red - but then maybe that's because I don't really like the colour red, well certainly not in clothes.
It's almost the end of another week and I'm feeling tired.

Here's one for you other li'l sis, I was babysitting on Tuesday and my sweet granddaughter woke up at 11.45 pm just as I was nodding off to sleep and she was awake until nearly 3 a.m. I tried singing (maybe that just made it worse), I gave her another bottle, changed her nappy, put her in my bed, back in her cot, stroked her brow, resorted to a spoonful of calpol incase she was teething and then when Marc came home at 2.50 a.m. I quietly said to her 'you should be sleeping now, daddy's home' at which she shouted very loudly 'daddy, daddy' smiled a lot and he came into the bedroom, said sweetly 'what are you still doing up at this time young lady' she smiled lovingly back at him. He picked her up put her back in her cot, closed the door, and not another peep out of her. She obviously knew who was boss and it certainly wasn't me.
I then had about three hours sleep and was up at half six getting ready for work and getting the boys breakfast when I was given the privilege of fishing Ben's I Pod Touch out of the toilet. He had dropped it - I wont go into any detail but it is now affectionately known as the 'I Poo Touch'
The things a grandmother will do for her grandchild. Oo and I've just noticed the time so I'm off to bed for a much needed sleep.
Love ya both xx