Sunday, 27 March 2011

Happy Birthday Tom

Happy Birthday to my gorgeous grandson Thomas. Wasn't he a cute baby (I'll add an up to date one later). He is 4 today and is having his birthday party at a farm. Same one that I took Olivia too and I know he will love it as he's been asking to go there for ages. I think all the kids love choosing an egg.

Speaking of eggs. I was given a couple of goose eggs last week and they were huge. I gave them to the boys and told them they were dinosaur eggs, their little faces lit up but then Ben quizzed me a bit more and ofcourse I had to tell him they were goose eggs, but they've kept them. Don't have any idea what they are going to do with them, I think Marc and Sam will be hoping they break but the boys will just enjoy having large eggs for a while

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