Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Visiting Sunderland

A 2 week visit to see my family in the Sunderland was great. It was lovely to see mam doing so well, she'll be 86 this year. I am so thankful to have such a wonderful family and I miss them all very much, especially li'l sis in Texas as we don't get to see her very much but she has a fab blog that I follow so I feel as if I'm a part of what's happening in her life.
School holidays for me were later this year so I missed the Sunderland Air Show and arrived the day it was on but didn't get to go down as there would have been no parking spaces.
It was a beautiful first week, warm and sunny but we didn't do too much just sat in the garden and relaxes.
I went for a chinese meal on the Monday with Mam, my sister Brenda, and niece Joanne. It was lovely but unfortunately they ran out of spring rolls which were the best on the menu.
I thought the food was lovely until we went the Metro Centre later in the week. We did a bit of shopping and then went to Buffet King (we like chinese food) where you could eat as much as you wanted for a set price. There must have been a range of over 50 dishes to choose from and each one was yummy. My mam doesn't eat much normally but she just loved the chicken, unfortunately I can't remember what it was called but it was slices of chicken in a beautiful sauce and the chicken just melted in your mouth. She went back for seconds which is a first for mam.

Livvy, Tom and Ben in mam's garden just after they arrived for a few days.

Marc, Sam and the children came up for a few days the following week and we went to Brendas where all the family met up and we had a great time. It was probably the best day weather wise as we were able to put the bouncy castle up in the garden and the kids loved it.

Deborah, Brenda and JoanneGeorge, Marc and Michelle having a cup of tea and a bite to eat

Brenda, Joanne, Deborah and Michelle savouring the pizza

Bouncy Castle Fun - the kids just enjoying themselves

We ate, talked and just simply had fun.

It's not a visit to the North East without going to take a look at Marc's brick in the wall at the Sunderland Stadium. I bought the brick as part of his 18th birthday present when the football stadium was first being built and ofcourse the boys wanted to see where it was - unfortunately I didn't manage to get a close up.The rest of the week it rained but we went to the beach one of the days and just took the children to the arcades where there were rides and they loved it.

This next picture has to be one of my all time favourites. I have never seen two children laugh so much in all my life and their faces say it all. It was the best £2 spent that day. They were on two seats looking at a huge screen that showed them going through an underground tunnel - every now and again as they got to a certain part of the tunnel the chairs vibrated and Ben and Tom just screeched with delight. If I'd given them enough money I'm sure they would have spent all day on it but it was a joy to see and and hear their delight

I can't quite believe it but the batty died on my camera half way through taking photographs so I haven't any of mam and some of the other members of the family. I'm hoping some of the others managed to get some and will maybe email them to me so I can put them on my blog.