Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Half Term

Well I've caught up on reading a few of your blogs but didn't get round to leaving comments on them all and as you'll see by the time on this one it's real late again.
Sam had a lovely birthday and spent the day with Marc and the boys.
It seemed a week for nose bleeds, Ben had one last week, not quite as huge as Tom's but I think they have both been bunged up with cold which hasn't helped. Poor Tom hasn't been well this week either. He had a stay overnight in hospital as he couldn't get his breath. He's on an inhaler and steroids for a few days (doc seems to think he's got a virus). He seems happy in himself but he looked so white today and Sam said he hasn't been sleeping well. I'm praying they will both be fine and get over these bugs quickly.
School hols this week so it's been great not having to get up when the alarm goes off and yes it has gone off twice at 6.15 a.m. because I forgot to turn it off.
I had Ben over today and we played a couple of games and went into town. Highlight was lunch at MacDonalds. He is such a chatter box at the moment. I called in to the bead shop in town and he asked if he could buy a butterfly bead for his mum. I said yes ofcourse and then he wanted one for dad, one for Tom, one for himself and one for his baby sister when she comes. He was like a child in a candy store running round looking at all these beads and trying to choose the right one. I think I may have to make them all into something they can wear. Marc picked him up just before tea.

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