Saturday, 7 February 2009

Ouch! ooh!!

Definitely ouch!!! - I think I am glad the week is now over and today is a fresh start. I say today because it is the wee small hours of the morning, I should be in bed getting my beauty sleep but decided to blog and it is now no longer Saturday evening but Sunday morning. If you're following my daily honeycombs you'll know why I'm glad it's a new week and even more so when you hear what happened tonight.
I came out of the unit and went to see my friend Ros for a few minutes chat which turned into half an hour or more. I came out of her unit and just as I neared the car my left foot caught a stone stocking out of the ground and the other foot decided it wouldn't move ... you can imagine the rest, I went down like a sack of potatoes (as we say here in England if you are in another country).
Ros came running (well more fast walking as she's not long since had a hip replacement) to my rescue. She helped me up then because it was only me ego that was bruised we started to laugh. I had been going to call in at the local shop for some food but when we saw the colour of my coat and trousers I thought I'd better go home first and change.
I am now beginning to stiffen up but thankfully did not seriously hurt myself just jarred my shoulder, twisted my ankle,but it's ok and grazed my knee a little. But thank crunchie it's Sunday I shall praise the Lord for his goodness and for looking after me as I fell - I could have broken my ankle or my arm ... there's a lot of me to go down. :o)
Have a great week everyone.


Denise said...

Goodness, Sis! you've had a week and a half haven't you!! DO take care of yourself and be careful out there.
Did you notice all your extra comments, I hadn't heard back from you ;-)
We're off to church today, haven't been for a couple of weeks.
love ya

Judy said...

Hi Jean, so glad that all that was wounded was your ego when you feel! I had to smile, as you have 'stone stocking' - I kept thinking what is a 'stone stocking'...I think realized it was a typo & you must have meant 'stone sticking'. :-) We lived in England (Biscester) for 3 years, so I knew you didn't have stockings for stones over there. :-) Hope you have a lovely, blessed day Jean! So glad to have met you.