Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snow has fallen - Praise the Lord for answered prayer

Well it snowed most of yesterday so much so that school was closed today and we got to have a day off. I thought it would give me some much needed time to do some housework. I opened the curtains by the front door and the curtain pole dropped off. I then tidied up and was about to start vacuuming but the vac wouldn't turn on. I switched it off, tried again and this time is exploded, made a loud popping sound and sparks came out of the vac. Needless to say I got quite a fright but at least it didn't burst into flames and not as great a fright as the one last week. My gas bill came in and it was a whopping £995.00 a very near heart attack when I read the bill. Turns out the gas company have been estimating my bills for the last 2 years (I know I should have checked but I've been with them 35 years and they've always got it right - up 'til now that is) and yes I have to pay it. I text my friend Ri to tell her about the curtain pole and the vac. She phoned me and said I needed to put my feet up and have a cup of tea and that she'd been and got a new vac and Christmas and would I like her old one. What an immediate answer to prayer as I had just said to the Lord, "I'm gonna need a new vac Lord". It's true he takes care of our needs. I'm not worried about the bill, it will get paid somehow even if it is in installments and the curtain pole is resting on top of the parts that hold it until my son can give me a hand to fix it. I have to admit the snow does look nice but I'm glad I'm indoors don't think I fancy building a snowman today - his head might fall off.


Denise said...

Oh you poor thing Sis, wish I could be there some days just to give you a hand with things. You're right not to worry though, these are little things, and yes thank goodness it wasn't worse with the vac. The Lord does indeed see our needs and provides for us. That is crazy about the gas bill. Have you been paying by direct debit? I'm sure they'll just let you keep paying in installments it just might have to go up a little to catch up. Hopefully warmer weather will be on it's way soon.
Have you set up a new blog yet? I'll check your profile and see if there's one there.
sending love and hugs - oh and did you hear about A. Ruby? Mam only told me yesterday, they never called me about it!

Sue said...

Hi Jean... I was just over at your Simple Woman's Daybook and introduced myself there :-)

WHOA... that is some gas bill! Yikes! I'd be wearing double sweaters (jumpers) too with a bill like that.

Your faith is so encouraging as I read of how God has so quickly answered your prayers re: your vacuum. He is a Great God isn't He?!

Blessings to you today - keep warm!

Hugs xo

Cindy said...

Hi Jean, that is one whooping bill. I remember I always dreaded the electric bill to come in while I lived in England. Although my phone bill was really bad, making calls back to the states. Now it is understandable why all the extra layers.
Our God is a awesome God, in the way that he provides for us.

Hope you have a blessed day.

Judy said...

Hi Jean! I left your Simple Daybook & popped over here to pay you a visit. Wow - what a bill! I absolutely love how you just go right on with life, & don't fret - you cast that worry at the Lord's feet. How precious that you show such faith. You are a great testimony, as so many are concerned in this day & age. I can't imagine snow, as it is near 80F here in Las Vegas! I would stay in & stay warm. I want to give you my everyday blog url - is is http://homespunblessings.net/Gratefulheartblog.html - hope you pop over for a visit Jean! Have a lovely day!