Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Babysitting tonight

A bit of a wet start to the day but the nights seem lighter and spring is on the way. We haven't had such a bad winter, no snow to speak of unless it suddenly comes in March as the seasons do seem to be changing. Winter always seemed to be December, January time but now it can be anywhere from November to April. After the shock of a huge and I mean huge gas bill I can't wait for some warmer weather. I've got the heating really low while the gas company check it out but I think it's probably right and that they've been estimating it for over a year. Still I'm off babysitting tonight while Marc and Sam are at work, sleepover, and it's always warm in their house. My beautiful grandsons will be fast asleep when I get there I'm sure so I wont see them until tomorrow morning. Finance meeting at work tonight so it's a long day.

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Denise said...

Hiya Sis, Marc and Sam sure are lucky to have you live so close by. Hope you're all feeling well. Kristen has the sniffles this week but other than that we are doing ok. I have my CT scan on Friday for my nose. Will update on my blog about it I'm sure.
sending love and hugs