Saturday, 3 January 2009

Happy 2009

I'd like to wish you all a very blessed and Happy New Year. Christmas festivities are now all over and it's back to work on Monday but I have had a very relaxing and enjoyable time. First of all let me say the cute little babe in this pic was 5 years old in December. I dont have any Christmassy pics yet so thought I'd just add this one.
I went over to Marc and Sams Christmas Eve and saw the boys open their present on Christmas morning. They were so excited and I've never seen so many presents under the tree. Unfortunately both Marc and Sam had to work Christmas day but at least they opened the presents with the boys and we had a lovely Christmas dinner before they had to leave for work. I then had the pleasure of spending the day with Ben and Tom and playing with their toys.
I went up to see Mam on Boxing Day and really just chilled out for a while. I wasn't too well when I was there, think it was something I ate. Saw the rest of the family and went to town with Mam and then to the Metro Centre with our Brenda and Joanne. We had a lovely chinese meal, think it was possibly the best I'd had even though it was only sweet and sour chicken it was yummy. We watched Mama Mia at mams - don't know how many times that was for our Brenda but it's such a feel good film - makes you smile.
A quiet new year spent at mams and then it was back home on Friday.

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