Friday, 20 February 2009

Is Spring on the Way

Oh I hope so. It's been so cold lately but the last couple of days the weather has been brighter and I have to say warmer so maybe that's a sign that Spring is on the way. I do love spring when you see the first signs - crocus' peeping through the soil, the birds singing more and more in the early morning - yep it makes my heart glad.
If I've already told you this bit then please ignore but my memory is not what it used to be and I'd have to look through my blogs to see if I've already told you how blessed I was the other week to come home from my little unit to find a robin sitting on the roof by my front door. It was singing it's little heart out, so beautiful. I stood for ages listening to it and because it was dark could just barely make out that it was a robin. I went into the house, came out a few minutes later and it was still there chirruping away. Robin's always remind me of my dad so it was an added blessing to hear this beautiful song.
My sweet grandson Tom seems much better now praise God and Ben is away to have sleepover at his cousins house in London. I think it's his first time so far away on his own but I'm sure he'll love it. I imagine Sam and Marc will be the ones missing him.
Well I'm off to my little craft unit today for more fun time. Have a great day everyone.

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