Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Had a fabulous day out at Amerton Farmwith Ben, Tom and Livvy.  After having a ride on the roundabout we had a look at the few animals they have there and then it was a fight to see who could get on the old tractor first but all three decided they'd get on together.  We then spent most of the time in the playbarn which they all loved.
Livvy thinks she is so grown up riding a motor bike

Tom just smiles whatever he is doing

Ben loving the bus but would have preferred upstairs

How many children can you get on an old tractor?

"Hi Nana, we can see you"

"I'm sitting as still as can be"

"I'm Princess Girl Nana"

"It tickles"

"I'm Wolverine"

Here comes Iron Man

Wolverine, Princess Girl and Iron Man

This new bouncy thing kept them occupied for ages

They sat on it ......

Jumped on it .....

Dug in the sand around it ....

"This is going to be my tortoise ...."

Made something specal .....

The day is not complete without a steam train ride

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