Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Third week of school holidays

Here I am into the third week of the school holidays and I'm feeling pretty yeuk.  Have had a chest infection that is taking it's time going.  I've just finished a second course of antibiotics and am now on steroids but beginning to feel rather fed us as I was going to my mam's at the weekend and I now don't know if I'mgoing to be well enough to drive the 3 hours to get there, and my aunt is coming over from Canada so it would be nice to see her too, and the rest of the family as I've not been up for ages. 
I've only been out about 5 times in the last three weeks.  Walked into town, only a 10 minute walk but I was absolutely shattered by the time I got back.
Had a lovely day out though on Tuesday with my son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren at Leicester Space Centre.  It took it out of me walking round and I was in my bed for half eight when we got back. I can't believe just how low I feel but mustn't grumble there are plenty of people worse than me.  I'm just not gonna be happy if I can't get to see my mam and family.  The kids loved the space centre, we went into the planetarium which was good butI wouldn't recommend the looking at stars one as it was a bit boring.  Just a woman I couldn't understand pointing out where the stars were, there was no interaction and the kids were not one bit interested whereas the planetarium show itself was very good.
I managed to take one picture at the Space Centre and here it is, albeit not a good one. I'll replace it with one off my phone when I get chance as I took this one off facebook and it's taken the top part off.  

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