Sunday, 17 May 2009

Grandsons and snowball fights

Well it's been a lovely week popping over to see me new granddaughter and my grandsons. Olivia is growing and looking more beautiful each day. Ben and Tom continue to want to hold her. Marc has given her the talk already and Sam is planning their first mom and daughter shopping trip - me I'm just thinking 'how am I ever going to manage babysitting 3 grandchildren', I'm still recovering from playing imaginary snowball fights with the boys. What started off as something fairly quiet, picking up snow (your hands don't get cold when it's imaginary) rolling it into a ball, throwing and shouting splat, erupted into squeals of delight from Ben and Tom and them picking up pillows and throwing those at me for snowballs. We then went to the imaginary swimming pool and played splashing water at each other, again huge waves came at me as the pillows came into play again. We then went on an imaginary train ride to the seaside. The pillows were the seats on the train (thank goodness) and we had huge imaginary icecreams. All in all imaginary play is real fun but they did prefer the snowball fights. Every time I went over last week they wanted to do it again. Yes 'how am I ever going to manage babysitting 3 grandchildren' - easy peasy!!!!!!!

Here is a another pic of Olivia. This was taken on the Sunday, before we even got her mits on she had just moved her hand to her face and scratched it, ooh. I've managed to find out how I can get pics from my phone to computer so I'll be posting more later.

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