Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year

May you have a Happy and Blessed New Year. I wonder if this will be the one when I can post more and get more pics up now that I have a new phone. We'll see!!
Had a lovely Christmas day watching my beautiful grandchildren opening their presents and Marc and Sam cooked a lovely Christmas dinner - it may even have been Marc who cooked most of it. Boxing Day saw me driving up to see mam and my family up North and we had a lovely time at Brenda's day after boxing day when all of the family came round and Michael caught it all on video. It's a great reminder and such a laugh, especially playing back all of the old videos we have of family Christmases.
New year was spent quietly at home with mam. At 86 she is doing great but sometimes the noise gets to her so we saw in the New Year and I spoke to my sis in Texas (yep that's you Niecy) and my Aunt Freda in Canada and to my son and grandsons and to my sis over here (yep that's you Nenna). It was a nice night and I drove back this morning through torrential rain but made it safely. Back to work Tuesday so a day of rest tomorrow, well after my grandchildren have been to see me.

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