Friday, 18 May 2012

It's rather cold and wet again and I'm just longing for the time when the sun shines and we can say Summer is here - or did we have it early April when we had some real warm weather. 
It was Livvy's birthday last week and I was hoping to be able to put a few pics on here now that I've got my super new computer and a new phone because Livvy looked so cute in her Tangled dress.  It looked like it was going to be a simple task, but no.  The lead that is supposed to fit into the computer doesn't seem to want to so once again I'm stuck.  Hopefully Marc will be able to show me what to do otherwise it's back to getting my pics put onto disk and then uploading from there. For some reason the blog doesn't seem to want to let me upload from the pics that are on the computer either so for now sorry no pics.
Well anyway Livvy had a lovely 3rd birthday with her little friends and family and a bouncy castle.  She had a Tangled cake which looked fab and tasted delicious and ofcourse lots of presents.

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