Monday, 18 June 2012


Had thoughts of a quiet night in on Saturday then my daughter in law text me to ask if my grandchildren could sleep over.  The answer was ofcourse 'yes', so I had a lovely night watching TV and chatting.  Tom and Livvy just wanted to talk all night whereas Ben was content just watching Cloudy Meatballs.  They all went to sleep really well, albeit very late and yes up early so we could go and feed the ducks.

 Livvy kept giving the ducks a whole slice of bread but then she got the hang of it and realised small pieces were best.  Tom didn't want the daddy ducks to have all the bread he said he needed to keep some for the mommy ducks because they would need it more.

 So cute sitting beside the tree and underneath, while they do look as if they are behind bars they are standing at Speakers Corner.  They all wanted to say something but then couldn't think of anything to say.  I did get them on video on my phone but for some reason I can't upload it unless its sideways.  If I manage to work it out I'll post them.


Nenna said...

Hi sis looks like you had a good time, I think you should have been a photographer as you always take some really good photo's that and the fact your grandchildren are very photogenic.Hope all is well with you, we are all ok apart from me falling to bits, I think i told you last time on the phone. Will ring you later in the week or the weekend. Love and miss you Nenna xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Denise said...

Ooh look, Nenna's been here :)
Hiya Big sis, love the pics, you sure have a lovely big family for only having one child yourself, I'm hoping I get lucky like you and Kiki has the babies (I was never cut out for more than one!!!). I'm thinking I still have over 10 years to wait though (hopefully)!!
Love ya.
We're moving next Wednesday, so I'll be off line for a few days.