Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Winter Wonderland

Well ages since I've blogged but I'm hoping to get back into it.  A rather damp and miserable day with snow forecast for next week, although not as much as with you Niecy.  The last fall we had didn't do much but here are some pics of the snow we had at the beginning of January
I took the photographs one morning as I walked to work, couldn't get out of the street in the car.

It was like walking in a winter wonderland - it's been some time since was had a good fall of snow like this.  The next few photos were the day after and although it was a similar time the sky was a beautiful red. 



Denise said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes Sis. I didn't see that you'd posted cos your posts don't have a picture next to them in my side bar!
Hope you had a lovely day too.
xxxx Love you lots

Honeycombs said...

Oops, somehow I've posted this over the birthday wishes last year for my sis ... silly me!!

Nenna said...

Hi sis just read your blog and was a bit confused with the date then I read your comment. The pictures you took look really good but I still don't like that horrible white stuff.We have had a little snow but not as much as you, roll on summer is all I can say.Hope you have a good week.Bye for now Love ya lots Nenna xxxxxxx