Wednesday, 13 March 2013


We've had some lovely sunshine today but when we looked out of the window at work ... snow, only a flutter but the weather just can't make it's mind up.  Still it was lovely seeing the sun for a change and just let me see Spring is on the way.

Just a few pics to share of my adorable grandchildren making - I forget what it's called but a wonderful way to keep children occupied for a long time.  It took them ages to pick up the small beads but they loved it, especially when we ironed it and they saw the end result.  Great for wet play days.

 Tom making a squirrel for his dad
 Livvy making a heart for mom
Ben making a multi coloured squirrel for dad


Denise said...

Hi Sis,
lovely photos, just seeing the snowy ones now too I think? I've not been blogging much, not a lot going on other than school with Kristen. It will be nice when we can get outside and start on the garden for spring and summer. I think Spring has already arrived in TX, but here it's still cold, and could snow again any day!
sending lots of love

Mark Noce said...

Great pics, looks like everyone's having a good time:) Neat post:)