Thursday, 16 July 2009

News on Tom, Ben and Olivia

Tom had to go to hospital on Tuesday. Sam had taken him to the doctors as his breathing was still bad. She said they couldn't do anymore so she had to take him over to the hospital. By the time we got there and had been prodded by doctors he was quite distressed and his breathing was so bad they put him on a nebulizer. It helped but he couldn't even walk across the room without getting wheezy again. He was given another one about 20 minutes later and we were told he could go home. Praise God Marc was there and told the doctor Tom was still wheezing and couldn't get his breath, he had his stethoscope with him so had checked Tom after they'd said he could go home. Poor soul couldn't even bend down to pick a toy up without gasping for air. Just as well Sam and Marc know what to look for and Sam spoke to one of the nurses she knew and they checked him again and decided he needed to stay overnight to see if he could manage on inhalers. By tea time the next day he had picked up so they let him home. He's still on medication but was smiling yesterday and ate some breakfast this morning. It's such a worrying time when you see them like that.

Some really good news and I'll post some pics later, we went to Ben's football presentation on Monday. He's been playing football for a couple of terms and was being presented with a certificate but he also got a medal and 2 trophies. He was really thrilled and smile went from ear to ear. He has carried these trophies around all week bless him. He's done really well but his legs are bruised to bits, even at a young age they go in for the tackle.

Olivia is smiling lots now and gurgling. She hasn't put much weight on but we think it might be that she's had to have formula sometimes with Sam looking after Tom and being at the hospital with him. Hopefully things will settle down now and she will start gaining weight. She's just gorgeous.

Not had time to update you by email Niecy or to phone you Nenna but I'm sure you'll read my blog. Love ya xx


Denise said...

Hi Sis, yes, I see every time you post on your blog so I get the updates pretty quickly. I'm sorry to hear about Tom, that is such a worry for you all, and he's so young :-( I'm keeping you all in my prayers.
Would love to see some pics of Olivia, I've already lost track of how old she is. Same with Keith's new little girl, I never see pics and lost track of how many months have gone by... must be my age ;-)
Hope you're doing well. I'm updating my blog alot lately, hope you're checking it to see what we're up to.
love ya

nenna said...

Hi big sis sorry to hear about Tom hope he is loads better now and well done to Ben on doing so well in his foot ball.Hurry and get some pictures up as I love looking at them, I bet I see a big difference in Olivia as they seem to grow so quickly. It was Matilda's christening on Sunday we had a really nice day and thankfully it stayed dry.Hope you are coming up this weekend I told Jean and Janice we would go for coffee in the Galleries with them. See you soon LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX