Thursday, 23 July 2009

Pics for sis's

You asked for photos sis so here are a few that I've managed to get off my phone. Olivia had just swallowed some bubbles in this one, did she like them ... I think perhaps not

Twins?? You'd be surprised how many people have looked at this photograph and said 'oh twins, how sweet'.
An 84 year old with a 4 week old. I love this photo of mam and Olivia. It looks as if Olivia knows her already.

Great grandmother with 3 of her 9 great grandchildren

I love this photo and if you take a closer look at Tom's hair you will notice it is sort of straight and clumpy. Ben had decided he would try his hand at hairdressing after mom had bought a new pair of craft scissors for him.

I had gotten Olivia ready for bed and as I'd bought the little bed time suit (I loved the flowers on it), I had to have a photo. She is just so cute.


Denise said...

Awwwww, I love them all, especially that pic with Mam and Olivia. Oh Jean she is just adorable, I'm just thrilled you finally get a little grand-daughter.
I seriously did not realize Mam had NINE great-grandkids - blimey!!
Thanks for posting them all.

nenna said...

Hi Jean I know I spoke to you last night but just had to leave a comment to say your pictures look wonderful.I don't know how you manage to get everyone to sit still and pose for you it never happens like that with my lot.Can't wait to see you next weekend, have a great week Love you and miss you xxxxxxxxxxx