Thursday, 28 March 2013

Winter Wonderland 2

We had a second fall of snow last week and it was the worst I've seen for ages.  We didn't have it too bad but some places 10 minutes away had snowdrifts and roads were blocked.

It was lovely walking over to the park, and here's a few pics of Winter Wonderland 2 - just for you Nenna

It doesn't look it on the photos but the snow was quite heavy although it was more like sleet and there in the park was one man and his dog.  The dog was running around like crazy, man was sitting down at a picnic table. I was taking photos then made a quick retreat home as I was getting slightly wet.



Nenna said...

Hi sis thanks for the pics the snow looks really nice but I still don't like it and I'm so pleased we didn't get anything like it, we have been so lucky and today is lovely and sunny still chilly but a lot better than it's been. I think you said you were going away over Easter so hope you have a great time.Going round mam's tonight as George is going out wiyh Kevin so will just watch TV with her as she likes the company. Not a lot happening here kids coming for sunday lunch. Happy Easter have a good time. Love you lots Nenna xxxxxxx

Honeycombs said...

We still have some snow on the grass verges but it has been sunny the past couple of days although still very cold and windy. Looking forward to going to York tomorrow. Will phone mam when I get back. Love you lots. xxx