Wednesday, 29 May 2013

I sometimes can't believe how time flies.  It doesn't seem two minutes since I was last on my blog and yet it's 2 months ago.  Well, it's school holidays again and it's lovely not having to get up early to get to work and I'm away tomorrow until Sunday so really looking forward to the break.

Here's some pics of the day we spent at Blist Hill - an old Victorian village.  It was great fun despite the rain and the kids loved it.

Victorian Village Blist hill

PC Plod arresting thief who stole his bike
Tom, Ben and Livvy asking how the printing is done

Dogum had to come with us as Livvy was looking after him from school.  This is at he printers.

Steam tractor

Into the Tunnel wego

About to go into the tunnel

Tom and Ben on the flying chairs just as it started to rain, and I mean rain.  Poor Ben got the worst of it and felt quite ill.
We called these 'shuggy boats' when I was little

Ben still not feeling too good as we shelter from therain to look at this huge boat

Lift up the side of the hill

View from the top

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