Thursday, 13 June 2013

Grandchildren day

How cute are these .... it was Open Farm Day so spent it with my wonderful grandchildren and we visited the newly opened Falconry Centre where they got to hold these cute little baby owls.  One flew on my shoulder ahhh.

Ben said she was very soft
 Tom said her claws were digging in a bit tight but she was soft.


Livv was not to be outdone, didn't like it on her arm but pulled her jumper down so it didn't hurt.
I got my eye on your!!!

 These next 3 pics were on a huge combine harvester, I think that's what it was, it was certainly high up but they loved it and would have spent all day up there if there hadn't been a queue of children waiting to try it out too.

Livvy was up the steps as quick as a flash


A lovely day was had by all and to finish it off my gorgeous grandaughter sang me a song that she made up herself ... bless her .... daddy bought her a guitar for her birthday, slightly big me thinks but she loves it and the little video is one I'll treasure because it was just for Nana and not bad for the third time of playing - she may need lessons off daddy though. (sorry it's on it's side but can't find out how to rotate it)




Nenna said...

Hi Sis just love your pics and video. The kids look as if they are having a great time and I think you have a star in the making with Livvy and her fabulous pink guitar. I spoke to Denise tonight and she said we will try and skype you while we are over there.I have Charlotte and Daniel staying tonight so I'm off to get them to bed, hopefully talk to you from Denver. Love ya lots Nenna xxxxxxxx

Honeycombs said...

Thanks Sis, love ya too. Have a great time with li'l sis xx