Thursday, 11 December 2008

Ben's 5th Birthday

I went over to see Ben on Wednesday as it was his 5th birthday. He's had his snow play party and had opened all of his presents on the morning before school but even though he'd had a lot he was still excited to open the ones I'd got for him. He's not really into Thomas the Tank Engine anymore which is a shame really, they grow up so fast. Someone had bought him a Thomas book and he said that his brother could have it which was really sweet of him.
We all went out for pizza and ofcourse the highlight of the night for a 5 year old was the ice-cream and the girl dimming the lights and bringing his cake out - everyone sang 'Happy Birthday' to him. Tom was enjoying it just as much but being nearly 2 he was more intent on trying to get out of his high chair which he almost managed but Marc strapped him in, much to Tom's disgust. It was becoming quite frosty as we headed for home but both boys were very tired as it had been a long day and even I was tired.

Found out today what the sex of my next grandchild is going to be - are these scans 100% well we'll just have to wait and see.

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