Thursday, 4 December 2008

Only 3 weeks to go !!!

I've just got over a really sore throat, there just seems so many viruses going around at the moment. I've never had so many colds as I have this year, and this last bout had me worried at it just came out of nowhere, one minute I was fine next I just felt rough. I had a couple of days off work which helped as it's not nice having to work when you feel ill. Hopefully I wont have any more for a good while.
Went out with Marc, Sam and the boys for something to eat on Tuesday, it was better than cooking as I'd had a really busy day at school and just didn't feel like going home to cook.

Well only 3 weeks to Christmas day but only 2 weeks until we break up from school for the holidays - am I ready - I am so not ready, although I've done better this year than last. I'm not the most organised when it comes to Christmas but I do get there eventually. It's been trying hard to snow for the last few days but we seem to have missed it although mam said it had been snowing in the north east. I'm sure we'll get some before the year it out. Just in case I don't manage to blog before Christmas have a blessed and wonderful time.

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