Friday, 28 November 2008

Christmas has started ...

What a lovely night - I picked Ben and Tom up after I had finished work (Ben was at his after school club and Tom with the childminder). We were going out to Ben's Christmas Fair at school. Tea was a hurried affair but 6 o'clock saw us walking to the Centre where it was being held. Ben talked non stop all the way there (I found a £20.00 note in an envelope, at the end of someone's drive - it wasn't theirs so they took my number incase someone asked about it). The place was packed when we got there and you could hardly move. Ben had been looking forward to it all day. I think he'd have preferred to have gone with mum and dad but as they were both working I'd said I would take them and Sam's dad came along too. The place was buzzing with activity, cars everywhere, so I'm really glad we walked. Tom was quite happy being pushed round in his buggy. Ofcourse we had to buy some sweets (what's a Christmas Fair without sweets) and Ben bought a baton for himself and a little dog for Tom. Sam's dad got tickets for them to see Santa. Tom just stood and stared but Ben said what he needed to say and we eventually made our way to the back of the hall. The fog was coming down as we made our way home but we had a good time.

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Denise said...

Hi Sis, sounds like fun with the boys.
The post hasn't brought Kristen's card yet, but we had no post on Thursday cos of Thanksgiving, so it may be delayed a day or so.
My tree is already up!!!!