Sunday, 23 November 2008

Second time around

I started this blog earlier and had started to tell you that I hadn't seen my beautiful grandsons this week as I haven't been well, I've got yet another cold and had two days off work (I then tried to upload the photo and it all went wrong and I lost it but hey second time around it worked). I dosed myself with cold remedies yesterday as I had two girls on a course at my little craft unit - we did art clay silver (first one I've taught) and it went really well. I took photos on my mobile but I've still not worked out how I get them straight onto the computer so it will have to wait until I transfer them onto a cd. Anyway the course went well and both girls said they'd enjoyed it which was the main thing.
Back to my beautiful grandsons - I took this photo on my mobile after we'd had a lovely day out. We went to a local farm and saw the animals then took a train ride into Birmingham. Unfortunately the heavens opened, we got soaked, giggled a lot as we ran through the rain, had a Happy Meal and then got the train back home. We'd bought a couple of little cars and they played happily on the floor, pushing them back and forward to eachother while I made tea.

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Denise said...

Hi Sis, hope you're feeling better from your cold by now. Ben and Thomas are so cute, they sure do grow up fast when you live so far away and don't see them often :(
I'm hoping you get a grand-daugher next, how sweet will that be ;-)