Thursday, 19 March 2009

Nice day

It's a beautiful day, I can hear a dove cooing in the trees outside of my office. I've finished work for the day but not sure if I'd get to blog when I get home as I'm shattered so thought I'd do a quick one here before I left. I've been over to Stafford today at an Open Day with our learning technologies department. It was fab; so relaxing and stress free. It was great putting faces to names and chatting to the girls on the help desk. Also met some old friends that used to come out to school years ago. Steve one of our first techies surprised me when he told me he was 40 this year - I couldn't quite believe him as he certainly doesn't look it but it made me feel really old. Well I'm off home in a sec so have a great day.
Think I'll need help with those graphics sis - glad you're having some nice weather too.
Been trying to get Nenna to do some comments for us but she can't be doing with all the other bits you have to do so she's happy just to read what we get up to. Maybe one day. Love you Nenna - you too Neecy. Off home now so have a good day.


Nicky said...

Hi Jean, How are you ? We could have met! After school,I had to pick Imogen up at her school in Stafford and then go back there for her parents'evening! I am so worn out now and cannot wait for the week-end. Speak to you soon. God bless

Denise said...

Hi sis, what help do you need with the graphics? just let me know. I just posted pics to my blog from our weekend away.
Hope everyone is feeling better now. How long before Sam is due? bet you can't wait to see that little baby girl :)
Love ya

Aliene said...

Just wanted to welcome you to the KJV writers blog. Look forward to your writings.

Aliene said...

Jeaan, glad you passed by.You may share Kevin with anyone. It really touched me. Sometimes we complicate things, but it is that simple childlike faith that we need.