Sunday, 29 March 2009

Happy Birthday Tom

It was Tom's birthday on Friday. 2 years old. It was really wonderful to see him laughing, running around with Ben, climbing up the slide and shouting 'Nana' then sliding down, jumping on the trampoline with just a continuous smile on his face. After the trips to hospital and the worry over his asthma type attacks it was a joy to behold. I think I may have said doctors have given him a steroid inhaler and what a difference. So I'm posting a couple of days late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY THOMAS -
After going over to see Tom and Ben Friday it was church youth club night and we all went bowling. 6 adults and 33 young people. It was a good night but my arm is slightly aching this morning - I can't remember how long ago it was since I've bowled. The kids were great, really well behaved, can't say the same for the adults (only joking) it was such fun. Ann managed to throw the ball down the gutter and demolished the side bars that they put up to help young ones to get a few skittles down. We did laugh but at least none of us went down with the ball.
I was so tired when I got back home though and it wasn't even 10 o clock but I had been to work all day and was we left church early to get there I'd been out of the house a good 15 hours.
Hope you all have a good day.

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Denise said...

I missed Tom's birthday, will hopefully catch up with all of these birthdays some time soon... there's so many little ones these days! and more to come ;-)
We're having a lovely weekend here, weather is nice again and very sunny. I'll try to blog in the next day or so.
love ya