Saturday, 14 March 2009

Update on Tom

Well here I am Saturday morning feeling very tired even after a good nights sleep. I think the events of the last couple of months are beginning to catch up with me and it's been really busy at work.
Tom was let out of hospital on the Sunday but was rushed back in Sunday evening as he couldn't breath and had turned blue. Marc and Sam both work for the medical profession so knew it wasn't good and had to call an ambulance. He was rushed in and put on a nebulizer every half hour throughout the night. By 4 pm he was a lot better. He's out of hospital but still isn't well. The Doctor has prescribed a steroid inhaler as he has real trouble breathing at night and it looks like it's asthma. When Sam was younger she had asthma brought on by dust mites so looks like Tom may have the same problem. She's continually vaccing to keep the dust down and hopefully with the new inhaler he will get some sleep.
Ben has had to cope with his mum being in hospital, then Tom being in hospital and I think he has just needed lots of assurance and hugs this past few weeks. It was parents day at school so he was really pleased that his mum and dad went to have lunch with him. He loved it.
It's not been a good start to 2009 all told, seems to be lots of bad news and my sister Brenda had bad news last week when a friend of the family died. This is the third funeral she has been to this year. Love you Nenna cos I know you'll be reading this, lots of hugs from me - will ring you soon.
Seem's cliche to say 'it could be worse' but I know the Lord's in control so we'll just keep going to him in prayer. Hope you all have a great weekend.

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Denise said...

awwww sis, wish I could be there to give you a big hug right now. I keep praying for you all, and I hope Tom improves with the meds. I am highly allergic to dust mites too but it doesn't bring on my asthma (the Advair I use is pretty good) but can make me really stuffed up. That, and mold are what affect me the worst.
Give everyone my love. Hope you can get some rest this weekend. You always sound like you're on the go what with work and the kids and your unit. Take some time for YOU!
love ya