Thursday, 2 April 2009

Just busy

Can't believe I've not written in my daily blog since Tom's birthday. It's been a busy week at work and I've been out quite a bit. Up at the unit Saturday and Sunday. Went over to see a friend from work on Monday night, church Tuesday, did something Wednesday but it escapes my mind at the moment, I'm becoming so forgetful lately, must be my age. Tonight Sam came over with the boys. Ben needed an Easter bonnet for school. He wasn't going to bother at the beginning of the week but as his friends at school were doing one I guess he didn't want to be left out so we made a very quick hat out of cardboard, a few sheets of tissue, rabbit, chickens and of course the real reason for Easter, the cross. I don't think it will win any prizes but he was quite happy.
School finishes tomorrow for Easter holidays - I am so looking forward to the break, even thought I have lots to do at home.

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